Can humans and animals eat biodegradable tableware?

BehZist products are not digested by human bodies. However, some animals such as fishes can eat these products

Can BehZist products be recycled?

Yes, corn starch-based plastics can be recycled. With a greater volume of such tableware, constructing a recycling facility will be justifiable.

What is the storage time for these products?

BehZist products can be stored safely storage under cool, dry and well ventilated circumstance for at least a year. Over time, these products become breakable and will even change color to yellow. It would be better if the products after unpacking as opening the package will reduce its expiration date.

Are these products heat resistant to temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius?

If the temperature is higher than 120 degrees, the exposure could result in softer tableware.

Can I put your products in the microwave?

Yes they are microwavable. The practical temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius.

Can BehZist products be washed and reused?

Yes, you can wash the products up to three times after you use them. However, it would be better if you use them only once.


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