About Company

Mahsa Padideh Company, an Iranian based company, is an individual manufacturer of the Behzist Biodegrdable Tableware. Behzist products have not only the abilities to address the most pressing issues of climate change and wastes; but also focus on customers’ health.


Our Vision

Behzist’s aim is to commit the customer services principles through innovation in all in all activities of the company including technology upgrades, continuous improvement of environmental friendly products and consumer health in order to become a top quality model and the most trusted producer of disposable tableware In Iran.

Behzist’s responsibility is to continually protect the environment in which it operates, by ensuring both least carbon dioxide emission and biodegradable products.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce eco-friendly products and to promote environmental responsibility, sustainability, and to encourage families, companies, and organizations to use economically biodegradable tableware alternative to the plastic containers.


– Provided from renewable resources
– Eco-friendly
– Disintegration in the right conditions (temperature, humidity and presence of microbe), after 6 months
– Non-toxic
– No hazardous effects of plastic and chemical materials even in contact with hot food
– Reusable up to 3 times
– Less energy consumption in the production process
– Microwaveable and freezable