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Biodegradable tableware are made from renewable sources, cornstarch. Since there is no chemical additives or bleaching agents is used in their formula, they are non-toxic. Therefore, when they are contacted with hot food, no chemicals the food from the container and will not endanger the health of the consumer. The color of these products are ivory, which is the natural color of cornstarch. The products are microwave and freezer safe. The shelf life is almost a year. They are a great alternative to aluminum foil, paper, foam or plastic tableware that are so common. The products offers the same robust function and easy cleaning. The waste does not harm the environment because they can be depredated in the environment in six months. Furthermore, if the waste of these products are burned, the amount of carbon stored in life cycle is released. That is why they are also Carbon Neutral or Carbon Zero.

Support Eco-Friendly Tableware

If you are an environmentalists that is eager to beat plastic pollution, you use these biodegradable or environmentally friendly products. These tableware can be washed up to three times. They are lightweight and can easily transport. They are ideal for caterings, deliveries, picnics and campaigns.